Kenton Co. districts learn new school safety plan

KENTON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - As many students and faculty return to school this week, some local districts are taking steps to prepare for events just like the one at a school in Decatur, Georgia.

In fact, Dixie Heights High School faculty learned about a new program Wednesday to keep everyone safe. It's called ALICE Training, and it includes everyone from the bus drivers, to principals, and of course the students.

"There are tragic events that have happened in our society, but our main goal is to have our students be informed and educated but not be afraid," explained Kenton County Schools Director of Public Information Jess Dykes.

ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate.

So how is this different from a normal lockdown? Before they would lock doors and huddle on one side of the room, and now they have more options.

"If you are on the third floor you can barricade, then if you're on the first floor and you're next to the door, you can evacuate," Dykes told FOX19.

The plan during an emergency also varies by age level and classroom location.

"What you do in your science class might be different than what you do in your English class, and all of those teachers will have dialogues with their students," she said.

Dixie Heights High School Principal Karen Hendrix stresses the district isn't by any means encouraging students to fight an armed intruder.

"Students are the center, and they're the reason we're here, and it is our priority to keep them safe, and I do believe that this program will help us do that," said Hendrix.

The district adds they've also learned how to tie belts or computer cords onto door handles if they need to barricade themselves inside the classroom.

This training applies to all schools in Kenton County, and not just the Kenton County Public School District.

Along with schools, this training is also being implemented at businesses, hospitals and various government buildings across the nation.

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