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Hot Reads: 2013 Chinstrap Awards nominees - Part 2

Cody Prewitt and Ole Miss could soar over the competition this year - or the weight of heavy expectations could bring them crashing back to earth. (Source: Joshua McCoy, Ole Miss Athletics) Cody Prewitt and Ole Miss could soar over the competition this year - or the weight of heavy expectations could bring them crashing back to earth. (Source: Joshua McCoy, Ole Miss Athletics)

This is the second of a two-part series previewing notable players and coaches nominated for Hot Reads' exclusive (because, of course, I made them up) Chinstrap Awards, also known as the "Chinnys." Part one appeared Wednesday.


(RNN) - Because we like to start what we finish around here, Hot Reads presents to you the second installment of preseason nominations for the Chinstrap Awards.

Part two's focus is more on team awards and coaches, with some mention of the heavily made-up female students on the sidelines that support their team's efforts.

Clear as mud? Good, now let's get rolling.

Cool Customer Award

Frontrunner: Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M – I'd like to say no coach does more to earn his paycheck, but the mention of tax-deductible income makes people antsy in College Station these days.

Other nominees:

Bret Bielema, Arkansas - He is a notoriously calm presence. Good, Coach B. Remember that during the hard times.

James Franklin, Vandy - He believes everything he says, so thank goodness we're beyond the days of him rating the hotness of his assistant coaches' wives.

Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss - Doesn't rattle easily and has a lot of faith - in his compliance department.

Gamebreaker Award

Frontrunner: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina – You may remember he is also a nominee for the unflattering "Bottom of the Pile Award." How is that possible? Well, he could have a disappointing season (by space-age mathematical standards) and still be a force. That's how good he is.

As for the other nominees, don't worry. Last year's decapitation of Michigan running back Vincent Smith won't influence the voting. That much. 

Other nominees:

Cody Prewitt, S, Ole Miss - He feasted on unwary slot receivers last year, so imagine what he could do with an upgraded line in front of him.

A.J. McCarron, QB, Alabama - I could spout about numbers, accolades and his win-loss record, but why bother?

Andre Hal, CB, Vandy - Big-play ability in a secondary that people don't talk about nearly enough.

Team Logo Face Tattoo Award

Frontrunner: LSU – The favorite for the fan loyalty award almost solely because of the Golden Girls, who promise to show more hair extensions in Baton Rouge than anywhere else on earth.

Aside from that, 92,000 screaming people after sunset make Death Valley an experience like no other.

Other nominees: Arkansas fans, Alabama fans, Texas A&M fans

Tree Falls in Forest Award

Frontrunner: Mizzou vs. Georgia – The Tigers will likely lose in Athens on Oct. 12, but they'll have a field day on that weak defense (more on them later). This could be one of the highest-scoring games in the conference all year, and it will help neither team's bowl chances.

Other nominees:

Kentucky - The Wildcats could go undefeated … for the first two games. After that, don't expect much.

Tre Mason - A 1,000-yard rusher, eight home games and an offense that even by accident can only get better. Although he's going places, his team most likely is not.

Todd Gurley - Substitute seven for eight in the sentence above.

Flop and Fail Award

Frontrunner: Ole Miss – As my crazy uncle Larry would say, "With great expectations comes the chance for great butt whippings." Or something like that.

The standard for the Rebels varies depending on what side of the aisle you sit. A lot is expected right away from that stellar recruiting class (because we all know 18-year-olds are very dependable), and there isn't much insurance behind Bo Wallace, who was a magnet for interceptions and injuries last season.

Other nominees:

Vanderbilt - Like the Rebels, this is a team on the rise. Unlike the Rebels, things started falling apart before the first kickoff.

Georgia defense - A unit with all that talent last year still let people run over them (12th-ranked SEC rushing defense). That sounds like great athletes playing without discipline, and this year there is less experience.

Hot Seat Award

Frontrunner: Gary Pinkel, Missouri - He got some slack because his superstar running back was on the shelf and his quarterback was held together with athletic tape and prayer last season. Now we get to see what one of the most successful coaches in the Big 12 does with a full deck in the SEC.

Other nominees:

Mark Richt, Georgia - Because no hot seat list would be complete without him.

Dan Mullen, Mississippi State - Those boys in Oxford seem to be outpacing the Bulldogs quickly, and the folks in east Mississippi don't like that one bit, no sirree.

You Couldn't Do This Without Me Award

Frontrunner: Zach Fulton, OL, Tennessee – This is probably the best player on the best offensive line in the country. How AP voters placed him on their preseason all-conference third team is beyond me.

Other nominees:

Wesley Johnson, OT, Vanderbilt - In 38 career starts, he has given up six sacks and never been flagged for holding. Read that again. Think about it.

Jake Matthews, OL, Texas A&M - Could have the best future of any player on this offense. No, seriously.

Kyle Christy, P, Florida - The Gators had trouble getting down the field at times, so it's good they had a guy who makes the field longer for the other team.

Stat of the Week

5: The SEC had the most teams ranked in the top 25 nationally in total defense last season, taking into account conference alignment at the time (Big East was second with four). Alabama, Florida, LSU, South Carolina and Vanderbilt combined to average 299 yards allowed.

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