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Man accused of throwing dog out window in Henrico calls charge bogus


A man accused of throwing a dog out of his car window is outraged over the charges.

Thirty-two-year-old Philip Smethers now faces jail time and some stiff fines for what he calls a domestic dispute.

"She ran up to me and hit me in the face," claimed Smethers. "Chest bumping me, going to hit me!"

Smethers recalled a dramatic night on Meadowcrest Road that led to him being slapped with an animal cruelty charge.

"And this is not what this is about," said Smethers. "I did not hurt that dog at all."

Smethers now has a date with a judge after claims he threw his ex-girlfriend's dachshund out of his truck window.

"I open this door. I grab the dog, walk across the parking lot and set him down," said Smethers. "Walk back to the truck, get in the truck and I'm going there is your dog over there. She's kicking the windshield trying to kick the windshield out of my truck."

The alleged victim was reluctant to speak.

"He's okay," she said about the dog. "He's doing okay. Thank you though. I really appreciate it."

She wouldn't address allegations she waited five days to file a report.

"I really was told not to talk to anybody by my attorney," she said. "So I'm going to go ahead and take his advice if you don't mind."

Smethers claims he is the one who walked away with bruises and says he has pictures to prove it.

"I love those little dogs, too," said Smethers. "Just as much as she does."

He has his own view about the animal cruelty charge.

"Total bogus accusations off of just a vindictive upset jealous ex-girlfriend," said Smethers.

The suspect is due in court in October. He could face a year in jail and a $2,500 fine if convicted.

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