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Victim: 'What the hell did you do with my silver?'


It has been a long eight months for Shahnaz Nahai, living months in fear after she was the victim of one of America's most notorious cat burglars.

On Tuesday, Nassau County, FL sheriff's deputies arrested Blane David Nordahl, 51, on two warrants out of Atlanta. 

Elizabeth Music, Nordahl's girlfriend, was also arrested by deputies as a co-conspirator. Police say she helped plan some of the heists.

"He left no prints, nothing - no dirt in the house, nothing," Nahai said.

Nahai hosted a party on New Year's Eve and used the silver at that party. On Jan. 3, she realized it was missing.

"I was trying to set the table for a party we were having, and I kept opening drawers and opening cabinets and I couldn't understand where all the silver had gone," Nahai said. 

She looked around the house for an hour, trying to find where the burglar broke in. Nahai's home is equipped with a security system that included motion detectors and glass break detectors. It wasn't until her son came over and saw the two panes of a glass door intricately removed.

"He didn't break any glass or open the window so it never blew the alarm," Nahai said.

Police said Nordahl uses the same technique for nearly all of his burglaries. He strikes while the victims are sleeping, entering through small cut-outs he makes in windows, and sometimes door frames.

The way police said Nordahl entered homes, without tripping the alarms is what led him to years of not getting caught.

"It was very unique," Atlanta police Detective Drew Bahry said. "I've never seen it before. Detectives that I have worked within other jurisdictions that have been on 25 to 30 years have never seen it before."

According to the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Nordahl was released on parole in Nov. 2010. In that time, investigators believe he hit 56 homes across six states.

The estimated value of silver stolen is between $6 to $7 million. Atlanta had the most cases with seven burglaries and an estimated value of stolen silver at $1.5 million.

Other cities hit in Georgia were Macon, Athens, Columbus and Thomasville.

Investigators said they are working with detectives in Belle Meade, TN and Charleston, SC, for additional victims.

"It's just the sterling, he has a great knowledge of what's real," Bahry said. "Every house we went to the plated silver was left, there was a ton of plated silver left, it was just the solid stolen."

Investigators said Nordahl would steal an average of $20,000 worth of silver in a single burglary.

"He didn't take silver plates," Nahai said. "The silver plate was right next to the sterling."

Nahai estimates some of her silver dated back 300 years and were family heirlooms that can't be replaced. She is holding out hope that all of it wasn't just melted down, something police believe Nordahl was doing.

"What and the hell have you done with my silver?" Nahai said she would ask Nordahl. "And how dare you do this?  How dare you come into my house, and take all my things and all of my family heirlooms. Where is it? I am will to pay to get it back, I am willing to pay to get it back."

According to police, Nordahl is a high profile cat burglar. Nassau Sheriff Bill Leeper said his criminal history is extensive.

"'The Silver Thief' and 'Burglar to the Stars,' made his living pilfering expensive silver items from fancy homes across the east coast of America. He is believed to have netted $3 million in around 150 burglaries throughout his criminal career. Despite his professional approach to burglary, he has been caught numerous times, and served an 8-year sentence after being convicted of stealing $50,000 worth of silver cutlery from the home of Ivana Trump. Other notables he stole from are sportscaster Curt Gowdy, and musician/singer Bruce Springsteen," Leeper wrote in a news release.

Nordahl and guest will be extradited back to Fulton County where they face will charges of Burglary with Intent to Commit a First Degree Felony and Conspiracy to Commit a Felony.

Nordahl is a well-known silver thief who even has his own Wikipedia page.

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