CBS To Name Panel To Probe Story

CBS to name independent panel to probe Bush guard story

Within days, CBS News expects to name an independent panel of experts to scrutinize its reporting of President Bush's National Guard service. Eleven days after questions surfaced about Dan Rather's "60 Minutes" report, the network said it couldn't vouch for the authenticity of documents that say Bush got preferential treatment in the Guard. Rather said on last night's CBS Evening News: "I want to say personally and directly, I'm sorry."

The White House says the affair raises questions about the connection between the network's source, retired Texas National Guard member Bill Burkett, and John Kerry's campaign. CBS says Burkett has admitted he lied about obtaining the documents from another former National Guard member. The network hasn't been able to conclusively tell how he got them or even definitely tell whether they're fakes. But it has given up trying to defend them.