Troopers find two trucks full of nasty, spoiled meat

(FOX19) - Ohio State Troopers find meat unfit for consumption twice this month during commercial vehicle traffic stops.

On August 15, troopers stopped a box truck on I-75 in Butler County. The truck was taken in for an inspection.

An inspector observed liquid running out of the rear of the cargo area along with a foul odor. The inspector opened the cargo door for a cargo inspection, and found opened bags of raw chicken and meat pouring onto boxes and crates of seafood, vegetables, fruit and eggs.

The meat was in poor condition and the United States Department of Agriculture responded to the scene, took custody of the load, disposed of it and is investigating the incident. The food was being delivered from Cincinnati to several restaurants in northeast Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Troopers also found that the truck was 7,000 pounds overweight.

Then on August 26, troopers stopped a commercial vehicle traveling eastbound on I-70 for a commercial vehicle inspection.

Inspectors say they discovered that the vehicle was traveling from Omaha, Nebraska, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, transporting unrefrigerated raw and unused cooked meat in the trailer that was to be used at a "rib burn off" event.

The load was emitting a strong odor of spoiled foods. The load consisted of approximately 700 lbs. of chicken, pork ribs and sausage, and cole slaw. The temperature of the meat when checked at various locations averaged 60-plus degrees.

Troopers say the company's were to serve this meat to the public at the event. The trucking company agreed to dispose of the unused raw food at a local refuse center.

The driver and vehicle were placed out of service for numerous federal violations.

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