Hot water burns boy at Fairfield daycare

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - The parents of a 13-month-old boy are demanding answers after their toddler was severely burned while attending a Fairfield daycare center. The toddler is recovering from second degree burns on his neck, chest, and back.

According to an incident report, Jaxson Joyce, 13 months, was being cared for a Jelly Bean Junction, a daycare center on Winton Road in Fairfield.

The report states that Jaxson pulled down a cup of hot water that was sitting on a counter in his classroom.

The water burned Jaxson's chest and arm. He is being treated for those burns at Shriners Hospital.

"I didn't think it was as bad as it is, I really didn't," said Jaxson's mother, Lori Urrutia.

Once his parents arrived at the daycare, they realized the severity of his burns.

"I went into shock. I really didn't know what to do. I kind of froze. I wanted to break down but I wanted to be strong for my son. It was kind of tough looking at him like that," his father, James Joyce, told FOX19.

Jaxson's mom says someone at the daycare should have paid closer attention to her son, and the daycare's explanation of what actually happened has changed three times.

"What was that water doing near him anyways or any other children? He's in an infant classroom," asked Urrutia.

On Tuesday, the day after the incident, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services came to the center to conduct an unannounced inspection. This was Jelly Bean Junction's first inspection since late last year.

The inspection found ten items that were out of compliance according to state standards.

Not one of Jelly Bean Junction's last three state inspections have been completely compliant with state standards.

To see their inspections, follow this link.

Jelly Bean Junction cares for 201 children. It has a two stars rating on a three star scale according to Step Up to Quality.

To search for childcare inspection reports for your state, follow these links for Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana.

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