Outreach ministry asked to relocate from school next month

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - A local faith-based charitable group held their monthly food give away at a Covington school yard on Saturday to maintain a tradition that has helped hundreds the last 24 years.

However, the group, Isaiah House, has been told that next month they'll have to find someplace else to go.

After more than 20 years providing meals and food supplies from two Covington elementary schools the Covington School Board has asked Isaiah House to find a new home for its ministries.

In a statement released from the Covington School Board, the district says the Isaiah House has "outgrown its space."

The Board states that it is working with the group to find a bigger space so that it can continue serving people in the area.

According to John Eldridge, Isaiah House outreach coordinator, the group hopes to find a new partner that can help.

"We're looking for community partners who want to see something that's already in action. It doesn't cost them any money. Just let us and do the work that we're already great at doing," said Eldridge.

Isaiah house started out in 1989 with 12 sacks of groceries going door-to-door asking people if they needed help. Since then, the ministry has grown and so have the needs of the community.

The organization provides spiritual and social wellness in addition to supplying food.

"Obviously they need food, but they need fellowship and encouragement as well and I think that's what all of the volunteers here are doing," said Brenda Carpenter, founder of the Isaiah House.

Dan Snyder, a volunteer, is blind, but shares his strength and hope with the group. "My testimony is there's a life beyond problems; you can carry on," said "Snyder. "You can do good things for other people."

The Isaiah House helps individuals who are struggling to make ends meet and their monthly food giveaway at the end of the month is a time where most people run out of food and supplies, according to Jeffery Lauver of Covington.

Ashley Keel of Covington is a single mother of four and says times are tough for her family.

"I'm a single mom so I'm struggling so once a month this is a very big help for me and my kids," said Keel.

Many of the individuals and families who attend the giveaway wait in line for hours including Lisa Hinkson who waited nearly three hours to receive items.

Despite the wait, Hinkson says that is was worth it.

"It helps us a lot. It helps us with food, clothing and prayer," said Hinkson.

Raynell Hudson, who moved through the line in her electric wheel chair, says the group is a blessing.

"The people are friendly, you get your prayers sent up and the blessings come down," said Hudson.

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