Local soldiers recognized at fireworks show

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Tonight's fireworks display was dedicated to the brave men and women in uniform who are willing to sacrifice all for our freedom.

Among the tens of thousands of people along the riverfront is a group of soldiers getting ready for deployment to Afghanistan. Their commander, Chief Warrant Officer Pete Zebrowski, says he can't think of a more fitting send off than fireworks.

"It is it's an honor. It's my first time being here and it's really an honor, a privilege for us to come down here and have a lot of these folks sharing with us," said Chief Zebrowski.

Specialist Brent Heindel says "It's a great honor that our city would think of us like that so it feels good."

Heindel says support on the home front is crucial for soldiers about to go into harm's way.

"A strong country is built on a strong Army, a strong army is built on strong soldiers, strong soldiers come from a strong family so from the ground up that's how the families work with the soldiers," said Heindel.

Zebrowski says that the key to keeping soldiers motivated is family and friends.

"Family, friends knowing that they're here to support. It's really the support. The key is knowing that they have somebody back home thinking of them," said Zebrowski.

Support back home is so important when soldiers separated from their families for months at a time in a place where danger is imminent; however, soldiers do it for the sake of freedom and family.

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