Construction spending in July rises to four-year high

(FOX19) - New national numbers released Tuesday show that construction spending for the month of July was the highest it's been in four years.

The uptick in construction spending means more people are needed in the construction trades.

"I know the number of units I'm out wiring is more than before," said CR Adams, who's been an electrician for seven years. "New buildings going up, more constructions signs, more hardhat sights around."

Brian Miller, executive director with the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky, says many people didn't stay in the construction industry after the housing market crashed and now that's having an impact during this boom.

"We find that about 54% of builders, remodelers and others in the trade are experiencing labor shortages," said Miller. "Of those, about half of them are having difficulties of contract signings and being able to complete a home on time."

Miller says the way things are trending, 5,500 skilled labor workers are needed within the next five years in Boone County alone.

"If you're coming into the industry after all that, you are really coming in at a good time because the market is on its way back up, and the workforce has been depleted," Adams tells FOX19.

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