Middletown grandma shoots at home intruder

Paige Stacy
Paige Stacy
Mabel Fletcher
Mabel Fletcher

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown police say a woman fired multiple shots at an intruder after her dog alerted her of a trespasser in her home.

Police were called to the 900 block of Kensington Street around 4:40 a.m. on Wednesday morning after receiving reports of a burglary with shots fired at a residence.

Officers say that Mabel Fletcher was alerted by her dog of an intruder in her home on Wednesday morning. Fletcher, who had a gun, confronted the intruder who was coming up to her bedroom.

Police say that the intruder, identified by police as 21-year-old Paige Stacy, came towards Fletcher who, in return, fired shots. Officers say Stacy went toward the back of the house and threw an ironing board at Fletcher.

Officers say that Fletcher fired again. This time, police say Stacy pretended to be hit and laid on the floor.

"She just threw different things, and then I shot the one time and she fell to the floor. She said she's dead, and I said 'no you ain't but if you don't get up you will be'," Fletcher explained.

Stacy then lunged at Fletcher from the ground. Authorities say shots were fired again and the Stacy fled out a back window.

Officers later received calls from a woman claiming to have a stranger asleep in her car. Upon arrival, authorities say they found Stacy asleep in the vehicle on Elman Court.

Police say Stacy is also suspected of stealing Xanax on Tuesday in Monroe.

According to authorities, Stacy had Xanax, heroin, Hydromorphone and syringes on her when she was found.

"I knew she was higher than a Georgia pine on something, so I didn't want to hurt her if I could keep from it because she's somebody's child, and I didn't want to kill her if I didn't have to," Fletcher told FOX19.

She was charged with aggravated burglary, three counts of drug abuse, possession of drug abuse instruments and criminal trespassing.

Police say Stacy is suspected of breaking into other vehicles in the area. Additional charges are expected.

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