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Hot Reads: Georgia can turn tables on America's best defender

What's the formula for success against Jadeveon Clowney? Run at him hard and often. (Source: South Carolina Athletics) What's the formula for success against Jadeveon Clowney? Run at him hard and often. (Source: South Carolina Athletics)

(RNN) - Thanks, FCS football teams, for reminding us that cupcakes can pack a punch and that you don't have to dump money into the vast wasteland of Disney World to make dreams come true.

Two things on that. First, don't make like you're upset I dissed Mickey Mouse. If not for your kids, you would curse that place like the worst thing on earth and gloat about the money you saved.

Second, is it feasible to combine North Dakota State, Eastern Washington, McNeese State, Northern Iowa, Eastern Illinois, Samford, Towson and Southern Illinois into their own conference and transfer them to the FBS? Just saying.

I can't wait for the day when conferences arrange trades for teams. Don't laugh. As long as we live in a world where grown men become millionaires on the backs of teenagers, anything is possible.

Let's kick this thing into full gear.


South Carolina at Georgia, 4:30 p.m. ET Saturday

How's this for a kick in the head? Georgia is favored to win.

Upon hearing that, I demanded to know where I could get whatever beverage the oddsmakers were sipping.

And then I looked at game footage, which as you know, is a favorite Hot Reads pastime. I quickly realized Georgia is custom-built to run over South Carolina. Why?

Because of Jadeveon Clowney.

LSU beat South Carolina last year by figuring out something few other teams have: Run the ball right at No. 7.

The Tigers ran 53 times for 258 yards, and Clowney left Baton Rouge with exactly zero sacks.

It's not rocket science. If a team consistently makes opponents do something they prefer not to do, they will produce adversely.

TV cameras are so busy focusing on Clowney that people don't realize tackle Kelcy Quarles is extremely important to that defense. He gobbles up the middle and allows people around him to make plays.

Teams don't even have to run the ball well to factor Clowney out of the game. Cue the Florida Gators.

In the Gamecocks' other loss last season, you could almost count the number of first-half yards they allowed on your hands and toes. But the Gators still led 21-6 at halftime and eventually won 44-11 with only 89 total rushing yards.

How, you ask? They ran the ball 24 of their 26 first downs. Clowney's only sack was against an overmatched tight end on a play-action call in the second quarter.

Bulldogs, enter stage left. Yes, I realize Georgia lost to South Carolina by four touchdowns last year, but it had little to do with the dominance of the Gamecocks defense.

Georgia got down early after a special teams touchdown, blown coverage on two big plays and an Aaron Murray interception (which wasn't his fault). Georgia's tailbacks could have gotten them back in that ball game. But offensive coordinator Mike Bobo only let Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall touch the ball a combined 26 times. Marcus Lattimore had 26 touches all by himself.

That being said, Georgia's defense is in no way better prepared to stop South Carolina this year, and South Carolina's offense might be more complete, even without Lattimore.

It'll get interesting, so don't be surprised if both teams walk out of Sanford Stadium with a 1-1 record.

Is Ole Miss for real?

Well, ummm…

There are several signs pointing in the right direction, not the least of which is true freshman receiver Laquon Treadwell. Watching his high school footage, it's obvious he was more than a prima donna receiver. He blocks downfield, fights for yards after the catch and he's bigger than most any defensive back someone can throw his way.

The only criticism I found on him is his routes downfield aren't that sharp. Playing the slot for the Rebels, where he doesn't run many routes that take long to develop, that's not a huge problem at this point.

Robert Nkemdiche did pretty much what I expected, which is not much, but that will eventually change.

Bo Wallace surprised me by how well he took care of the ball, even if it meant taking a sack. He shined against a somewhat sloppy Vanderbilt defense, and you have to remember the Commodores are not as deep as most other teams in this conference.

If the Rebels' defense catches up to their offense, look out, world. Realistically, they're probably a year away from making serious noise, but expect them to show up for a few big moments this season.

There's life outside the SEC?

Florida at Miami, noon ET Saturday

The last Florida matchup with Miami was in 2008. The Gators won, and a few months later they were BCS champions. Some guy who used to be an NFL quarterback was still playing in Gainesville then.

The game this weekend is hardly a stepping stone to the Rose Bowl for either team, but it's worth watching. If the terms "Florida flop" or "peach pelting" mean anything to you, then you remember these two teams used to have a rivalry that was a pretty big deal.

Our writers picked Miami tailback Duke Johnson as an early candidate for the Heisman Trophy, and producing against a defense considerably stronger than Florida Atlantic will aid his case.

To call Florida's passing game challenged is insulting to option offenses everywhere. The Hurricanes swear their defense is better than last year, but they were 116 out of 120 teams in yards allowed per game, sooooo …

Bottom line: Florida can run on anyone, but so can the sophomore Johnson. "(Movie trailer voice) In a world where everyone loves spread offenses and 50 passes a game, a group of feisty Gators will defy convention by trying to survive Hurricanes in an epic battle to the end."

Stat of the Week

.333: No team to make the transition to the FBS has a higher winning percentage against SEC teams in its first five seasons than Western Kentucky. No matter what you think about Bobby Petrino, he is an offensive genius at a program that was good before he arrived, and Tennessee is still rebuilding with a young secondary. Consider the Volunteers on upset alert.

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