Prolific Bank Bandit

Robber of 43 banks says he needed money for his family

A man who pleaded guilty to robbing 43 banks in six states says he did it because he was under pressure to support his young son and the boy's mother. David Brankle says he never meant to hurt anyone and that he regrets his nearly two-year bank robbery spree. Brankle made his statement today in Cincinnati federal court before the judge sentenced him to 21 years in prison. The plea agreement under which Brankle was sentenced requires him to pay restitution of 175-thousand, 141 dollars - the total amount he stole - if he should come into any money. Federal authorities said they could not recall a solo bank bandit as prolific as Brankle. They said he showed no compassion for the bank tellers he forced to endure the ordeal of being robbed.

Brankle admitted robbing banks in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Florida - and stealing a car in Kentucky. The 47-year-old Vincennes, Indiana man said he regrets that prison will keep him away from his six-year-old son.