Homeless SC teen to face charges after eating lunch at school

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Lunch between friends is now turning into a legal issue. The issue being where they had lunch - on a South Carolina school campus without permission.

In a report from the Horry County Police Department, officers explain that on Thursday, August 29, parents called saying someone was on school property that shouldn't be.

Police found out they were talking about 17-year-old Logan Santos, a former student. However, his friends tell police Santos is now homeless and living out of a friend's car.

Santos was staying in that car while his friend went to class. During the lunch period, his friend returned to the car. They ate lunch together, walking around the campus until the lunch period ended.

Santos then went back to the car, waiting for his friend to get out of class.

Officials with Carolina Forest High School are not comfortable discussing this case specifically but explain they strive to make school a safe environment. Part of that is knowing exactly who is on the campus and why.

"If someone is here, that we are not aware should be, that could create a problem. They could be places they're not supposed to be," explained Principal Gaye Driggers with Carolina Forest High School.

Principal Driggers says the school does have a program in place to help students facing particular problems, like being homeless. They can help get supplies, food, or even clothing. However, Logan Santos is not currently a student enrolled at the high school.

According to the police report the student was suspended for bringing Santos on campus and not telling anyone.

As for Logan Santos, a warrant has been issued for his arrest. He will be facing charges for disturbing schools.

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