Kenton Co. sixth graders staying informed about Syria

INDEPENDENCE, KY (FOX19) - The events in Syria are being closely watched by people around the world, including some 6th graders at Twenhofel Middle School in Kenton County.

Lisa Meier has been teaching for 15 years so she's got a good idea about how the 6th grade mind works. She says they have a remarkable ability to understand world events and wants her students to be better informed.

"As one of our students said, we live in one big world and we truly do. The United States does not exist in isolation, so I feel that it's important for them to know what is going on beyond our borders and what we're involved in," Meier said.

The kids have not only learned about the Syrian conflict, they also care about what's happening.

Sixth grader Wyatt Hartman said, "I don't think Syria should have bombed their part of the country with gases because they're not supposed to do that, and I don't think they should have killed innocent people."

Another student, Macy Feinaur says President Assad's use of chemical weapons on his own people is disturbing.

"It makes me feel very upset because they're hurting innocent people," Feinaur said. She says she thinks the U.S. should intervene, adding, "Try and help them get out of their country and help them get rid of their dictator."

Meier says the kids realize that events overseas can have a global impact.

"They're going to be adults in six to seven years from now, so some of them might be involved in some of these situations some day, so I want them to really understand the background and the history and to know what's going on in the world around them," she explained.

The homework assignment for this class was to watch the news over the weekend, discuss it with their parents and be prepared to discuss Syria on Monday.

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