Newsroom Renovation: Week 9

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - We just finished up our 9th week of renovations.

At the end of this week, our new restrooms will be in service. They are dry walled, painted and tiled but we are just waiting on vanities and doors. The studio and control room crew is really looking forward to this.

Part of our renovation is a new entrance. Concrete will be worked on this week to get that ball rolling.

In the newsroom, most of the drywall is hung, crews are just waiting on an inspection to finish it up.

Last week, the managers met with engineering to talk about where we would hang our 14 GIANT monitors and what we will have on them. It's going to be a really nice space!

Thank you for following our newsroom renovation online! Check back next week for the next update.

-Rachel Folz, Digital Content Director,