Resident files lawsuit against Village of Greenhills

GREENHILLS, OH (FOX19) - A Village of Greenhills resident has filed a lawsuit against the Village of Greenhills, former Police Chief Thomas Doyle and three police officers.

Patricia Andwan, 66, has been a property owner for 37 years. Andwan claims that she has been wrongfully arrested and prosecuted on two separate occasions. She claims that her 4th and 14th Constitutional rights were violated in an effort to prevent her from running for office or questioning the Village's decision.

Andwan believes she caught the eye of the Village in 2008 when she began monitoring the Village's actions. Her home's existence was threatened by a buy up of properties in her neighborhood. Since then, Andwan claims that she has been a target of harassment which has caused her continued financial loss and mental and physical anguish.

Andwan claims that the first incident occurred in May of 2011 after a Village hired contractor cut down a tree across from Andwan's house. She claims that the contractor failed to remove discarded tree support cables. Andwan says that she was concerned over pedestrian safety and moved the cables to her side yard in plain sight. Andwan was accused of theft by police following the incident. She returned the cable and was charged with criminal mischief by Police Chief Doyle. She was later found not guilty.

A second incident occurred in November of 2001, once again involving a village-hired contractor removing trees.  Andwan says that the trees being removed looked healthy and she began to take photos of the situation from her property. Andwan claims police were called to the scene and ordered her to leave the area. Andwan claims that officers handcuffed her and placed a call of "officer needs assistance" after she attempted to leave the scene. Andwan also claims that officers did not inform her why she was being arrested. She was incarcerated for several hours. Andwan claims her story and mug shot were televised and published online.

Following court proceedings, she was acquitted of all charges.

The lawsuit alleges that the Village and its elected officials have abused their positions and the criminal justice system in an effort to prevent her from running for office or questioning the Village's decision.

She is seeking damages for the violation of her 4th and 14th Amendment rights and suffering she endured as a result.

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