FOX19's Cory Stark witnesses downtown crash

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Two cars collided Wednesday evening in downtown Cincinnati, and our own Cory Stark was nearby when it happened preparing to go on air.

It happened just before our 6:30 newscast at the intersection of 9th and Plum Street.

Cory was outside of Cincinnati City Hall covering an unrelated story, when suddenly an SUV and a Chevrolet four-door sedan were involved in an accident right behind him. The SUV overturned upon impact.

"Hey guys, guys.. Caroline.. Do you guys hear me? Do you hear me?  Do you hear me?  We just had a huge accident. I'm gonna call 911," Cory told our 6:30 producer just minutes before his live shot.

A female driver was trapped inside the vehicle until emergency crews arrived at the scene.

She was able to walk away from the crash, but was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Her condition has not been released.

The driver in the other car was not injured.

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