N. KY doc's license revoked after pleading guilty to taping a minor

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky medical professional's license to practice radiology has been revoked after being accused of videotaping a young girl in his home earlier this year.

The State Medical Board of Ohio officially revoked the license of Dr. Jeffery T. Dardinger after a series of allegations and evidence was collected to allege that Dardinger secretly videotaped a young girl in his Amberly Village home in 2010.

Dardinger was a radiologist at Radiologist Associates of Northern Kentucky.

In January, Dardinger pleaded guilty in court to illegal use of a minor in nudity orientated material, which is considered a fifth-degree felony. Dardinger was ordered to do 200 hours of community service, pay a $2,500 fine and all court costs.

Dardinger will be on probation for three years and must register as a sex offender.

Following Dardinger's sentencing, the Kentucky Board of Licensure issued an Emergency Suspension Order to suspend his license, in fear that, "his continued practice of medicine constituted a danger to the health, welfare and safety of his patients or the general public." The Kentucky Board was unaware of allegations against Dardinger until a story was released by a local media outlet.

Dardinger initially scheduled a hearing to become reinstated in the State of Ohio as a practitioner but could not attend because he was in jail.

Dardinger addressed the State board in a letter, saying that images of [a young girl] undressing were unintentionally captured by the recording device, downloaded on his computer, but were not used for sexual purposes. He further explained that he hoped record information that would help him divorce his wife, who kicked him out of their home in 2010 and later, found the video of the young girl on his personal computer.

Prior to the incident, Dardinger claims that he never had "a complaint or negative action against any of my medical licenses."

The Board found Dardinger's conduct "deplorable" and "unbelievable," and issued a permanent revocation to "protect the public in this matter."

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