Boehner's campaign contributions called into question

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is questioning more than $120,000 contributed to John Boehner's 2011 campaign.

Earlier this week, two letters were sent to Boehner's office in West Chester asking for an explanation as to why several individuals and political action committees contributed more than the legal amount of money to his campaign.

Under federal campaign-finance laws, lawmakers can receive donations from individuals up to $2,500 for a primary and general election. PACs can donate $5,000.

However in several instances back in 2011, documents show Boehner received more than those amounts for the 2012 primary election.

The Dell Inc. Employee PAC contributed $10,000 and the Caesar's Entertainment PAC gave $7,500.

"He's highlighted about $120,000 in contributions that he is questioning us about, asking if we can provide additional information, so that we are comfortable that there were no excessive contributions made," explained Cory Fritz, communications director for Boehner's office.

Fritz said it's a routine inquiry made from the FEC and that the $120,000 called questioned is small compared to the total amount of contributions made in the 2011-12 cycle.

The FEC website shows in that timeframe, more than $11.8 million was contributed to Friends of John Boehner.

"If there was something that the campaign did wrong, they will be told they have to fix it. They might be fined. It's unlikely to cause much of a headache. It's one thing that will be in the news for a little bit, and I think the speaker would rather be talking about other things," said Xavier University Political Science Professor Mack Mariani.

Boehner's office has until October 15 to respond to the FEC's inquiry.

The letter also demands Boehner to immediately refund any excessive contribution funds.

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