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Bicyclist with 16 heart stents, pacemaker crosses AZ

Bob Quick (Facebook) Bob Quick (Facebook)

A Utah man with 16 heart stents and a pacemaker is crossing Arizona on a cross-country bike trip.

Bob Quick, 53, began his journey with his son Sept. 2 in San Diego and plans to end up in St. Augustine, FL.

They're following the 3,070-mile Southern Tier Bicycle Route, pulling more than 400 pounds between their supplies and bike trailers.

If Quick completes his journey, he'll be the first person with congenital heart disease and the types of heart procedures he's had to go the distance.

In September 2004, he had his first heart attack due to a hereditary heart condition. After being shocked back to life by firefighters, he said he changed his life by healthy eating and exercise habits.

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He said he hopes to raise $1 million for deserving charities and inspire people to get up off the couch.

The pair plan to travel 50 miles a day and expect the journey will take them about 12 weeks because of his heart condition.

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