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'Before I Die' project inspiring people to dream


It popped up over the weekend and already the "Before I Die" project has a lot of people talking -- and thinking.

"And, of course, it caught my eye. It's very noticeable," said Ashley Fancher.

The public bucket list is located at the corner of Ryan and Broad Streets. Long-time friends Charles Talen and Euric Fuselier, owner of 505 Bazaar, brought the interactive art display to downtown Lake Charles. So far, it's a huge hit.

"I think it's neat. Just to see what everybody has written. Some of them funny, some of them serious. It draws you in," said Miss Stewart.

"I probably have a lot of stuff that I could fill up that entire board with," said Fancher.

It took some time, but Fancher hopes to one day bring her daughter to Australia as a tribute to her brother, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan in June of 2007.

"One of the things he had constantly talked about for years was going to Australia, and that's why she got her name. And with a name like Sydney - she's got to go to Australia," said Fancher.

Taking a look at the board - trips seem to be popular.

"I wrote that I would like to bring my brother to a Broadway show in New York. I'm not very sure if he would like ... he's only 8 months old. Until he can talk ... I will ask him," said Christian Veillon, 10 years old.

"It took me a little while to think about what would be the most important thing and I realized it's Disney World. I've never been. My boys have never been and that would be something I would want to do with all of them together," said Carla Walker.

Daniel Castro wants to test his endurance.

"I want to ride the Great Divide. And the Great Divide is a bike trail from Canada to New Mexico," said Castro. "I definitely want to do it before my mid 30s. I'm 26 right now, so I've got some time to get in shape for it." 

Miss Stewart's goal is a little more out of reach. She would like to see world peace before she dies.

"I'm approaching 50 and with everything going on in the world right now, it would be nice to see that," said Stewart.

Until then, she and others will keep their dreams alive.

"Once we accomplish that ... set another goal. One goal at a time," said Walker.

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