$3 million approved for Price Hill Streetscape Project

PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - Price Avenue in Price Hill could use a little work, and it's about to happen. $3 million is coming to the neighborhood for the Price Avenue Streetscape Project.

"It really will give a new appearance to the street and help continue the catalytic works that's been going on in the neighborhood," said Ken Smith, executive director of Price Hill Will.

It's part of a plan that was drafted several years ago to revamp the business district called the Incline Business District Master Plan.

Plans for the streetscape project include resurfacing the streets, creating public spaces, and putting in benches and seating.

Right in the heart of this project is Bloc Coffee Company.

"These are the things you hope for.  You talk about it for five years, and you draw pictures about it, and you have ideas.  But, when the money comes through, and everybody comes through and everything lines up, it's really exciting because most places don't get that opportunity," said Dwight Young, founder and director of Bloc Ministries.

City council members did see this area as an opportunity.

Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld says a model for development has worked downtown, and it's time to get to other neighborhoods.  To do that in this part of Price Hill, it starts with the streetscape overhaul.

"What the city really is trying to do with the streetscaping project is lay the groundwork for private investment.  We do this, it lays the foundation, private investment comes in, we see a full-fledged revitalization," said Sittenfeld.

There has already been plenty of investment in this area with a building remodeled into apartments, and new theater is on the way.

Neighborhood leaders say this is just the beginning.

"$25 million in investment means that somebody has faith that this neighborhood is moving in the right direction.  It's a vote of confidence, if you will," Smith told FOX19.

There is still design work that needs to be finalized before construction on the streetscape project can actually begin.

The $3 million dollars approved by the Budget and Finance Committee comes from the Focus 52 fund.  The fund is used to help with project that will transform the city's neighborhoods.

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