Jury recommends life in prison without parole for Michael Moore

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Michael Moore, a former Warren County Sheriff's Deputy found guilty of killing his parents, will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

A jury recommended the life sentence without the possibility of parole Wednesday just after 9 p.m.

Moore, 43, was found guilty on all four counts in the 2009 murder of his mother and father, Warren and Madge Moore.

The jury heard 12 days of testimony, and began deliberations around 6 p.m. on Monday. The verdict was read shortly after 9 p.m.

There were several sentencing options for Moore, including the death penalty, life in prison without parole, and life in prison without parole for 25 years.

A former sentencing has been scheduled for November 12.

Family and friends took the stand Wednesday prior to the jury's deliberation. Michael's daughter, Rebecca, pleaded with the jury to spare her father's life.

However, Warren 'Smitty' Moore III spoke against his brother.

"I believe that my mother could have forgiven Michael for killing her, and I believe that my father could have forgiven Michael for killing him. I do not believe that either of them could have forgiven him for killing the other," a tearful Smitty Moore told the room.

Michael Moore originally told investigators immediately after the shootings that an anonymous intruder killed his parents, Madge and Warren Moore, at their Union home.

Moore later changed his statement and claimed self-defense. On the stand Friday, he painted a different picture stating his dad killed his mom after a dispute over pain medication.

"I hear a pop, a loud pop. I mean it, it didn't register at first. I thought it was something in the microwave or stove," he told the courtroom.

Moore said he then heard his mom fall to the kitchen floor and claims he realized his dad had shot her.

"I put together what happened, so I was pissed, wanting to find my dad," Moore stated.

He claims he found his father in the basement, went after him and says his dad shot him in the inner thigh.

Moore said, "There are many things that are going through your mind at that point. Fear, anger - I had them all. But the biggest was probably fear."

As a result, Moore told the court he fired a shot at his dad in self defense and his dad continued toward him.

"I fired a second time. When he went toward me and I was able to get over to the side, I snapped the gun down and just fired straight down," he said.

He said when he realized what actually happened, he panicked. He also admitted on the stand that he had an addiction to pain pills, and the reason he claimed his parents were fighting was over pain pills his mother shared with him.

Madge's first cousin, Bambi England, took the stand for the defense Monday prior to closing arguments and relayed a conversation she had with Moore's father in 2007.

"He'd eat a bullet before he'd live with a colostomy bag... He just made the comment, and [Madge] said, 'Warren, what about me?' And he just, you know, 'I'd shoot you first then I'd eat a bullet'," England told the courtroom.

Moore served as co-counsel in the murder trial, stating he wanted to have a say in what happened during the process. Moore is a former police officer, but did not have any other experience in criminal justice.

He was found guilty of two counts of murder, one count of tampering with evidence and one count of falsely reporting an incident.

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