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Clevelanders ecstatic about Browns win

Browns fan react to today's win against Minnesota Browns fan react to today's win against Minnesota

For the first time in a long time, Browns fans held their heads high on this Sunday afternoon.

"I had a blast watching football today.  The Browns in true fashion, they were dicey for a second.  But, I didn't have that old harbored feeling like, we're going to find a way to lose this," Browns fan, Adam Muskiewicz told 19 Action News reporter Jen Picciano

Browns fan Jarrod Stevens said the team rallied together for today's win.  "All we've been hearing all week is the fans, radio stations, just been bashing ownership and everything.  I think the team just rallied together and said, we're not packing it in on this year. we're just, we're going to keep fighting for the fans."

The way the Brownies played the Vikings, gave fans a reason to keep the faith after a rocky week.

"Going into this game, it was pretty scary.  We just traded what we thought was our best player this year. So pretty pessimistic. But, once we started and started playing with Hoyer, who is our third string quarterback, I was ecstatic," said Hannah Carrick. 

"It was awesome seeing Brian out there.  It was nice to get our first win.  It's a little bit better when it's your guy."

With St. Ignatius grad Brian Hoyer taking the snaps, his former Wildcat wide receiver, Cody Tomon had even more to be proud about.

"It finally sunk in after the second touchdown, and you see him standing on the sideline and the mannerisms and how he's interacting with his teammates, and I was like oh, that's Brian," Tomon said.

"Hoyer throwing touchdowns, Gordon catching touchdowns.  Everyone played great.  The team looked great and it was really cool to see that Brian was the catalyst," were the keys to today's victory, Tomon said.

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