Five questions for Wendell Young

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 called current Cincinnati Council Member Wendell Young to ask him our five questions for city council candidates. His responses are below. Young is one of 21 people vying for one of nine seats on the Cincinnati city council.

Tell us about yourself

Young is a life-long Cincinnati resident. He was honorably discharged from the Air Force and is a retired Cincinnati Police Sergeant. Young also served as the Assistant Director of HR for the City of Cincinnati and taught two years of school at Aiken.

Young is married to a teacher and lives in North Avondale.

Young was appointed to Cincinnati City Council in June of 2010, filling the vacancy left by Council member Y. Laketa Cole, and was elected to a full term in 2011.

Do you think privatized parking is a good idea?

Normally I am not in favor of privatization but in this situation there's a union agreement and it's a good deal for the city financially.

Do you support the streetcar project?


What do you think about the condition of our public schools?

Young says he's a product of the Cincinnati public school system and is also married to a teacher. Young says the schools are not without their shortcomings but he says the school system is a good one.

What do you think would make Cincinnati a better place to live?

"I think we are on the right track. It's already a good place to live," Young said. To make it better, Young says we should continue the progress the city's made at The Banks, OTR, Oakley and other community projects. Young says he believes we are on the right path, we just need to continue the progress into more neighborhoods.

You can find out more about Young on his campaign website.

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