Five questions for Timothy Dornbusch

(FOX19) - FOX19 called Cincinnati City Council Candidate Timothy Dornbusch to ask him our five questions for city council candidates. Dornbusch is one of 21 candidates vying for 9 spots on the Cincinnati City Council in the November 2013 election. His responses are below.

Tell us about yourself.

Dornbusch is a Cincinnati-native from West Price Hill and a "thrifty businessman."

He attended Hughes High School his freshman year then transferred to West High. He took vocational courses and attended some college level classes. He ultimately ended up getting his master plumber's license.

He is a first-generation, small business owner of the company Proper Plumbing & Electrical LLC.

Do you think privatized parking is a good idea?

Timothy says he's against selling profitable city assets. He believes it's not all about "stiffing the public," and would prefer to get Cincinnati's underfunded pension in order.

Do you support the streetcar project?

No. He understands the idea of public transit, but not when the city is facing debt. He believes it's a bad investment for Cincinnati.

What do you think about the condition of our public schools?

Timothy believes we should eliminate teacher tenure. He says teachers would work a lot harder if their job was directly graded and judged each year.

He also says public high schools need more vocational classes, such as dental or construction. Timothy stresses the importance of the ability to work with your hands. He also suggests setting up a co-op program between high school students and local businesses.

What do you think would make Cincinnati a better place to live?

Timothy believes Cincinnati needs to go back to the basics and emphasize what the city is responsible for, including police, fire and other basic services, and work to keep the neighborhoods beautiful.

You can find out more about Timothy Dornbusch on his campaign website.

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