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Your Affordable Care Act questions answered

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In less than a week, the marketplace opens for buying health insurance under the controversial Affordable Care Act. 

The Department of Health and Human Services released a report Wednesday showing how many options residents of each state will have under the new law, as well the average price you might expect to pay for insurance.

In Ohio, a family of four could pay $156 a month for health insurance after a tax credit. In Indiana, a family of four could pay as low as $46 a month. As for Kentuckians, the estimated cost for a family of four is $252 per month.

With just days to go, one poll shows that more than half of all Americans don't have the information they need to know how the new law will affect them.  FOX19 is working to change that for you by taking the questions of some of our viewers straight to the experts.

"Everyone I talk to really doesn't know anything about it," said retiree Gary Bryson.

"I would like to know what is it, Obamacare.  Lots of questions, I am still at a loss for exactly what it is, "said Lashawnta Lewis, a mother of two.

In response to Bryson and Lewis's comments, the first question we took to our expert, Kyle Vath, a clinical coordinator for the Crossroad Health Center.

What is the Affordable Care Act?

"It's being able to look at a product, a health plan and compare it side by side based on premiums, deductibles and make sure you are getting the best value," Vath said.

"What is it going to offer?  What is it going to take away?" Lewis asked.

Vath says that depends on which plan you feel is best for your or your family. Plans are broken down by levels from bronze to platinum. 


  • Bronze plans have lower premiums and out of pocket costs, but higher deductibles. 
  • Platinum plans have higher premiums, but lower deductibles.


"I have insurance, pretty good insurance. Can't complain," said Lewis. 

Vath explains that Lewis will not have to change anything when the Affordable Care Act marketplace opens next week. 

"If she is happy with her plan she can stay with it. It doesn't have to change," Vath said. 

As for Gary Bryson, he's 64 and worries that soon, his employer will drop health insurance for retirees.  "I need to become more familiar with what my options are, haven't really looked at that yet," Bryson said.

Those exact details won't be available until Tuesday. 

"There are still unknowns but based on predictions there should be good plans out there that will be affordable," Vath said.

The bottom line, according to Vath, those who will benefit most from the new healthcare plan are those who aren't currently insured.

"For those who are uninsured or underinsured or their employer doesn't provide health insurance plan, they are actually going to benefit a great deal from the marketplace," Vath said. 

The Affordable Care Act isn't only confusing, it's still very controversial. 

Supporters argue millions of Americans will now have access to affordable healthcare.  Opponents claim that healthcare will suffer because their won't be enough doctors to meet the increase in demand.

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