Taking Root campaign aims to save area trees

MT. ADAMS, OH (FOX19) - One environmental organization is planting its roots in the Tri-State with the goal of saving the region's tree canopy.

Taking Root is a collaborative campaign which aims to address the current loss of area trees through education, better management of existing trees and planting to replace what's been lost.

The campaign kicked off Thursday at Eden Park.

Emerald ash borer and other insect infestations, new disease and prevalence of invasive plants are just a number of threats causing tree loss, organizers say.

"Well the impact really I don't think hasn't hit us yet. For example within Great Parks, we estimate 30 percent of our tree canopy is ash, so we're going to loose 2 million trees over the next ten years," 

Taking Root is partnered with private and public entities, in addition to individual volunteers, to combat the crisis.

The campaign aims to plant 2 million trees by 2020, which is one for everyone in the region.

Read more details and register a tree here: http://www.takingroot.info/

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