Teachers learn threat preparedness at police academy

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Tri-State teachers and school employees spent some time in the classroom Thursday evening at the Cincinnati Police Training Academy.

They're learning how to keep your kids safe when you send them to school.  It's all part of a school preparedness training program offered by the Cincinnati Police.

"Whether it's the principals, teachers, maintenance personnel, they are ultimately, sometimes, the first defense in the protection of our children," said Training Unit Supervisor Sgt. Ronald Hale with the Cincinnati Police Department.

School personnel from all over the Tri-State are welcome.

One educator from Middletown says she attended because students are paramount during the school day.

"Our first concern are the kids.  Learning this information, and having this training is a tool we can use to make sure that the kids are safe," said Shannon Hampton, a vocational specialist at Marshall High School.

To make sure that's happening, police are teaching and training these education professionals on how to respond to lockdowns, violent situations, active shooters, SWAT responses or even weather-related incidents.

"We will often take time to discuss budgets, improvements of the property, but how often do we take time to discuss personal safety of our children," said Sgt. Hale.

Situations arise at schools across America without warning, like last year in Newtown, Connecticut. That's why educators are listening and learning to prepare for the worst.

"We have to be ready at all costs.  We need to have that information so we can be able to act," Hampton told FOX19.

Thursday's training lasted four hours and was expected to draw more than 30 school employees.

Police officials say they have these exercises about twice a year as part of a seminar series to help with school's emergency action plans.

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