Latonia residents concerned over dangerous intersection

LATONIA, KY (FOX19) - Many residents in Latonia are concerned about a dangerous intersection they say doesn't give people enough time to cross.

Their concerns come just days after an elderly woman was struck and killed at the intersection of Winston Avenue and 39th Street.

"I don't even hardly go up that way anymore because I don't want to cross that street," said Rena Totten, a long time Latonia resident. "I don't want to cross it."

On Monday, 88-year-old Mary Carr was hit by an SUV turning left onto Winston Avenue. She died three days later at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Carr was a resident at a nearby retirement complex.

She was laid to rest on Thursday.

"There are some elderly folks that live there in the neighborhood that rely and depend on the shopping center and cross the busy intersection," said Covington Police Chief Spike Jones.

Jones says the city is taking action to make the intersection safer.

"The city engineer has been communicating with the department of transportation to meet and discuss possibly lengthening the amount of time the signal stays on and holds traffic for folks," said Jones.

Right now the crosswalk is 26 seconds and that's too short if you ask some Latonia residents.

"It takes me awhile to get across, and you have these older people from the Conley on walkers and wheelchairs. They are not going to make it across there. There is no way," said Totten.

"We are on board with whatever the engineer recommends," said Jones. "We definitely want to be part of the solution, as opposed to part of the problem."

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