Police blame rash of Ft. Thomas break-ins on drug addiction

FT. THOMAS, KY (FOX19) - Police are blaming a rash of reported burglaries and car break-ins in Ft. Thomas on drug addiction.

Heroin addiction has been a growing problem in Northern Kentucky over the past few years. Specifically in Ft. Thomas, Police Lt. Rich Whitford says most recently the crime associated with drug addiction has increased.

"I would call it an epidemic at this time. I mean we have so much death. So much of a generation that is dying," he said.

While some heroin addicts die from overdoses, Lt. Whitford says others are dying for that next hit. Some addicts have reportedly admitted to burglary to feed that addiction.

Police say several cars have been burglarized because they're easy targets, with suspects taking whatever they can grab in a hurry.

Fast money may have prompted the burglary of Michelle Tinkler's Ft. Thomas home. She says she discovered the break-in when she returned home from eating out.

"When we came back home the front door was open, and I knew immediately something was wrong," said Tinkler.

The burglars took jewelry and ransacked the master bedroom.

"At first it was fear. What's going on, and then it was definitely anger because when this happens you feel so violated. Jewelry, personal items. Yes, they can be replaced but when it comes to jewelry, there's such sentimental value," she said.

Police say burglaries and break-ins are a regional problem, so Ft. Thomas investigators are working with other area law enforcement agencies to better protect their communities.

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