Meteor seen over Cincinnati and region

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© FOX19

People who were outdoors around 11:30 p.m. Friday got a brief but bright light show.  They saw an apparent meteor that streaked across the sky, lighting the landscape like the bright part of a fireworks show.

Three different people who contacted FOX19 from Batesville, IN and Mason and Monroe, OH described the light as taking a number of second to cross the sky, and leaving a trail behind it that glowed for several seconds.

The American Meteor Society quickly received almost 200 online reports of the event, with 131 reports coming from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, and 46 more from Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as of shortly after midnight Eastern Daylight Time.  

Local police agencies also received calls about the sighting.

Meteors are pieces of rock, usually fairly small, that enter the atmosphere at enormous speed.  The velocity causes the objects to glow and burn, giving off large amounts of light as they disintegrate.

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