Shutdown impacts Tri-state

(FOX19) - The government shutdown is already causing problems for people in the Tri-state.

At the federal building in downtown Cincinnati workers told FOX19 many of their colleagues were told to stay home Monday. Others performing "essential" functions were asked to report to work.

One woman tells FOX19 she is currently showing up to make sure Social Security recipients continue to get their benefits while she waits to find out when her own next paycheck will come.

"You should get paid," Mary Gehring emphasized standing outside of the government building.

When Gehring stepped inside to update her daughter's Social Security information she ran into one of the government workers asked to show up Monday.

"I felt bad for her. She was taking the lady's place who usually takes care of this business," Gehring said.

While Gehring and her daughter left with what they came for, others were not so lucky.

"They told me it was on government shutdown and they wouldn't be able to do it today," Jerry Gordon told FOX19.

Gordon made the trip downtown to get a copy of his Social Security card to have handy for his job hunt.

"I still don't know what to do. I still don't know when I'm going to be able to find a job," he said. "The government needs to get its act together."

National parks including Cincinnati's William Howard Taft house will close to the public.

The IRS is cutting back to less than 10 percent of its nearly  95,000 employee staff until Congress agrees on a budget.

"I think they're kind of selfish, do things the way they want," Gehring said.

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