Monfort Heights ex-con charged with rape in Florida

Panama City Beach, Fla. (FOX19) - A Monfort Heights man recently released from prison has been arrested while vacationing in Panama City Beach on suspicions of raping and beating a woman, and threatening to kill her and her children.

Corderro Britten, 27, was arrested by Cincinnati Police back in January of 2011. Police say Britten attempted to burglarize his girlfriend's apartment while in possession of a handgun. When police attempted to arrest him, he assaulted an officer and escaped police custody. He was later caught and imprisoned. Coderro was released from prison earlier this year.

Officers say that Coderro found himself in trouble again on Monday while vacationing in Florida. Police say that Britten was vacationing in Panama City Beach and was introduced to the victim by the victim's co-workers. According to police reports, Britten picked the victim up from her house on Monday evening and drove her to a party at a motel with several other people.

Authorities say that after the party, Britten made unwanted sexual advances toward the victim, which were rejected. He later drove the victim home.

Police records state that Britten drove past the victim's home. When the victim pointed this out to Britten, he told the victim to shut up and punched her several times in the face. Police say that the woman then attempted to jump out of the moving vehicle.

Officers say that Britten grabbed the woman's hair and pulled her back. Police records state that he pulled to the side of the road and raped her. As she begged to stop, police say that Britten threatened the lives of her children and members of her family. Britten held her for a time then dropped her off.

The victim was treated and released from the hospital following injuries sustained in the incident.

Britten was arrested in Panama City Beach on Monday after briefly eluding officers attempting to put him in a patrol car, according to police. He has been charged with sexual battery, false imprisonment and escape.

Britten's bond has been set at $250,000.

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