Shutdown impacts non-government businesses

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A stalemate on Capitol Hill is having an impact on local businesses not associated with the government.

Restaurants and shops that rely on business from federal employees are closing shop early. Businesses near the IRS building in Covington are hurting.

Roca Café owner Carol Hardin says IRS employees make up 75 percent of her business.  Her once popular café was empty on Wednesday afternoon. Now, she's cutting her staff's hours.

"It's going to have a huge impact on me and my employees because they're spending habits will change too as all the federal employees spending habits have changed," explained Hardin.

Skyline Chili is also taking a hit. General Manager of Skyline's Covington location, AJ Townsend, says that since the government shutdown, they've had only 20 percent of their usual lunch business. That means cutting staff in half and adjusting hours to stay afloat.

"We all rely on the IRS at this location," explains Townsend. "Now for us we are only going 10 to 3. So we shut down for about 6 hours now. So we are just hanging in there until we find out a verdict of what is going on."

To make matters worse for these businesses, the Kenton County Building is temporarily closed following a fire over the weekend.

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