Fan expectation is high following Bengals win

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bengals fans are beside themselves with joy over today's win and FOX19 has found Bengals fans can even be humble in victory especially when they're married to a Patriots fan.

Mike Speer is a Bengals fan from Brookville, Ohio and has been married to Bonnie, a Patriots fan for 12 years.

Mike says the Bengals win doesn't affect their relationship.

"I was going to be a winner either way," explains Mike.

However, Terre and Keshia Johnson from Middletown don't see eye-to-eye about the Bengals win. Keshia says she's delighted.

"I'm good," said Keshia. "Who Dey!"

Terre, a Patriot's fan, says he's has had better days. "Not too good, not too good. It was a tough loss today."

Jason Abbot, a bartender at Willie's Sports Bar, says victory makes Bengals fans thirsty which is good for business.

"People like to have fun and when we're winning the mojo is better and people just like to stay out when we win," said Abbot. "It's a good day to be a Bengals fan."

It was good day to wear your lucky Bengals attire. Jerry Kyles wore his bright orange Bengals shoes and socks.

"A big win today, hey we had a good time," said Kyles. "Defense prevailed, I mean offense wins championships, defense wins championships, but hey we did both on both sectors."

Celebration is always appropriate for such a huge win. Heather Felts of New Richmond says it bodes well for the rest of the season.

"We're going all the way," said Bodes. "We're going to the Superbowl."

Char Fletcher of Hebron says she's optimistic about the Bengals.

"It looks good," said Fletcher. "I was a little upset they lost against Cleveland, but after beating Pittsburgh and naturally after beating the Patriots today my expectations are high."

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