3 injured in explosion at Dry Ridge apartment

DRY RIDGE, KY (FOX19) - Three people were injured in an explosion Monday afternoon at an apartment complex in Dry Ridge, Kentucky.

It happened at the Locust Ridge Apartments on McCoy Road.

Officers say the three men were making hash oil "budder" in the apartment's bathroom. The process involves taking butane gas to get the active ingredient, THC, off marijuana buds.

According to a warning sent out by FEMA, the process is very dangerous because butane is colorless and odorless and can easily find an ignition source.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office told FOX19 that the explosion was ignited by someone lighting a cigarette. Officials say this is the first time they've encountered this kind of drug manufacturing explosion.

The explosion blew out a wall in the apartment. Police say all three males received second degree burns on 30% of their body.

One person was flown to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and the other two were taken by ambulance to nearby hospitals. Police at the scene tell FOX19 all three suffered second degree burns.

In addition, a 1-year-old and pregnant mother were also in the room. They were not injured.

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