Newsroom Renovation: We are moving in (in 8 weeks)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Things are moving right along in our newsroom renovation. The most exciting news to come out is that we have a move in date! It's not for eight weeks but hey, it's something!

The wall that separates our current studio from the expansion is coming down. Amy Wagner put her sledgehammer skills to the test and made some progress. We left the major stuff to the pros.

The bathrooms I've been talking so much about are open for business. We got some new fancy vending machines. You know, the little things....

Our new conference room is dry walled and painted. We are just waiting on a new table that is all wired up with all the tech toys we need to stay organized.

The walls are finally painted. It's a nice, sandy, sunny beige. It looks so bright and clean! You can see and judge for yourself by looking at our latest Vine.

Now that things are coming together, we are all getting really antsy to get in our new space.

Thanks for following our renovation online!

Rachel Folz, Digital Content Director,