Loveland empowering students to go green

LOVELAND, OH (FOX19) - The Loveland City School District is teaching students about the power of 'going green'.

The district has made an effort to reduce use of natural gas and electric consumption by replacing old equipment with new energy efficient equipment, resulting in cost reductions from 2008 to 2012.

Each building in the district participates in the following initiatives:

  • Recycles classroom and office paper
  • Reduces paper consumption by posting announcements on the website
  • Uses classroom lights with sensors
  • Uses non-toxic cleaning supplies
  • Hand dryers instead of paper towels in most restrooms
  • Cafeterias serve filtered water instead of bottled water
  • Cafeterias recycle

Officials say in the elementary schools, more than 30,000 juice pouches were recycled within the past year alone. The district also works with Duke Energy to participate in these energy saving programs.

Loveland High School, named a 'Green Ribbon School' in 2012 by the U.S. Department of Education, was featured in OSBA Journal Magazine for its Environmental Science Class.

According to the article, Tracy Burge began teaching the elective course three years ago. It's open to students in all grades and empowers them to expand the school's green initiatives through hands-on learning.

The class is designed to resemble a corporate business atmosphere where groups of students report on their progress to the entire team, then break out on their own for research, meetings, pilot projects, advertisement videos as well as educating their peers.

According to Loveland spokesperson Heather Higdon, the school had 60 bags of garbage a day from the cafeteria in 2010. The class began a tray stacking program to reduce trash volume, added recycling, composting and other initiatives, and the results have been phenomenal.

Three years later, the high school went 60 bags of trash down to just two bags of trash, based on the 1,500 students who eat lunch daily.

They also reduced their 2010 Rumpke trash bill of $661 per month to $129 per month.

The Loveland City School District also collaborates with Granny's Garden School, a non-profit that offers hands-on learning for Loveland elementary students at the Loveland School Garden. Administrators say the 24-acre shared campus now has more than 100 vegetable gardens, flower gardens a nature trail and apple orchard.

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