Step-by-step: How to tie a bow tie

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Bow ties are all the rage for the young men this homecoming season. Many young guys are turning to the pre-tied version because bow tying seems to be a lost art.

Something you might not know about FOX19 Meteorologist Jeff Creighton is that he has a history in men's fashion. His grandfather owned a clothing store in Carrolton, MO called Dickson Brothers Clothing. After high school, Jeff spent some time working at high-end men's clothing store Roderick St. John's in Kenwood.

Jeff says the first thing to remember is tying a bow tie is just like tying a shoe but around your neck.

  1. Start with it around your neck with the side of the hand you write with slightly longer.
  2. Then you take that side over, under and through. Both ends of the tie should be stacked on top of each other at this point.
  3. Now tighten that around your neck. The sides should be pretty much even.
  4. Take the underneath piece and fold it side ways. This is when the bow tie shape starts to come into focus.
  5. The part on top should be wrapped around and poked through the backside, just like tying a shoe.
  6. Now wench that through and straighten.
  7. You've got it!

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