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Lubbock residents buzzing about Tattooed Jesus billboards


Billboards showing Jesus covered in tattoos have popped up all around the Hub City.

"I really didn't know what to think," said Lubbock resident Zachary Martinez. "I've never heard of the organization...but it really did wow me."

"It's just different," said Lubbock resident Jared Pharr. "I hadn't seen anything like that before so I just need to go online and see what it's about."

If you look closely at the tattoos, all of the words are different. Outcast, addiction and faithless are displayed among others. If you go to the organization's website you are greeted by a video that shows Jesus changing the tattoos of people who come in with those same words.

"People find out that they have scars and they have things in their past that they haven't let go of," said Jesus Tattoo volunteer Jay Corner. "Christ says that he'll take that from us and so through tattoos...we use imagery to show that."

In total there are 59 billboards bringing the message of Jesus to a new audience.

"The idea behind it is to reach maybe the people that don't have an idea of what church is or are not involved in a church," Jay said. "A lot of times the language and things that are used, people that aren't within the four walls of a church don't always get that and are maybe even kind of turned off by that. This way we can show that Christ is real."

Some people may consider the billboards controversial, but Jays says it's something Jesus himself would have faced.

"There was controversy when our lord and savior was on this earth from the things that he said and the things that he did. I know that some people see this even as a little bit of controversy," he said. "What's really cool about this is that it really is a love story and as you get involved in it and as you look at it and watch the video it draws you into the story."

Jay said, God willing, this will only be the beginning.

"We're hoping that by the end of the 30-day campaign we see this kind of blow up all over the world. That would be awesome."

You can learn more about the campaign at

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