Fmr. band director won't face charges for racy texts with student

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders says after combing through hundreds of text messages between former Holmes High School Band Director Jared Murray and a student, none of the texts rise to the level of 'criminal' under Kentucky law.

However, he does call the messages disturbing.

"Those text messages are extremely suspicious, alarming, inappropriate, but not illegal," Sanders said after announcing the investigation into Murray is officially closed.

Murray says the texts only show a piece of the conversation between him and the student in question.

"All of the texts taken out of context. There was an entire conversation and that conversation didn't show up within the texts released," Murray said.

FOX19 dug deeper into the texts. In all, there were more than 690 text messages between the two over a nine-day period.  About 350 of them were from Murray to the student.  The student sent about 340 text messages to Murray.

Murray tells the student he loves her 11 times, including "Night baby, love you," "Love you sweetheart," and "Love you."

The student responds by saying, "Love ya pops," "Love you too" and "night Murray love you too."

Three times Murray texts the students about smacking her bottom.  "I haven't done anything illegal with these texts and that's what they prove," Murray said.

Murray also texted the student with messages like, "If you only knew how much you are in my life," "LOL, girl you're always looking nice," and "These are the days I really want to take you home and give you the love you deserve."

Murray says the relationship between him and the student was in no way sexual.  "We had a relationship growing as a father-daughter relationship," he said.

Sanders says that relationship is clearly inappropriate.

"These texts are clear and to the point enough that there isn't any issue about context... I think they are beyond the realm of any student-teacher relationship."

Murray says he hopes to teach again soon.  He is working with his attorney to clear any issues with his teaching certificate that occurred as the result of the police investigation.

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