Ohio city officials unite in support of traffic camera use

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - With a ban on traffic cameras currently being drafted in Columbus, city officials from three Ohio cities are expressing their support for traffic safety cameras in a new video released by the Traffic Safety Coalition.

A ban on the automated enforcement technologies, like the controversial 'traffic cameras' installed in Elmwood Place village.

According to Cincinnati attorney Chris Finney, the Legislative Service Commission is drafting the legislation which State Representative Ron Maag tells FOX19 he will sponsor.

Finney says the legislation has been in the works for months.

In a video released Friday, officials from Columbus, Hamilton and Springfield refer to the cameras as lifesaving technology.

"It's an important tool that law enforcement uses. If the photo enforcement programs around the state were shutoff altogether, we would simply see a reversal in the behavior we've reduced," said Springfield Police Department Sergeant Brett Bauer in the new video.

Both officers and administrators in the three Ohio cities call for Ohio lawmakers to oppose the effort to ban safety cameras in the state.

The officials featured in the video include:

  • Lieutenant Brenton Mull, Columbus Police Department
  • Sergeant Brett Bauer, Springfield Police Department
  • Sergeant Ed Buns, Hamilton Police Department
  • Marcus Ross, Hearing Officer, City of Columbus Department of Public Safety
  • Mayor Pat Moeller, City of Hamilton
  • Jim Bodenmiller, City Manager, City of Springfield

"A lot of folks initially say it's a money grab.  When they hear about the statistics and the change in the driving behavior, people start to understand," said Hamilton Mayor Pat Moeller.

Supporters argue the cameras reduce red light running and speeding, which result in accidents. They cite statistics from cities across the state that saw a reduction in crashes and fatal accidents, such as Columbus, West Carrollton and the City of Dayton.

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