Undy 5000 raises 55k for Colon Cancer Alliance

Hundreds of runners took off through downtown in their underwear for Undy 5000 this morning.       

Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined in America. The idea of Undy 5000 was to inspire and encourage people to open up and talk about colon cancer.

"The Undy 5000 is a 5K to raise awareness about colon cancer," Stated Assistant Director, Daniella Dowiak.

Christi Williams lost her mother eight years ago to the disease. That's why she laces up her running shoes each year to raise money and awareness in order to save lives.

"If she knew that we save lives because of her, because of what happened to her, that would be worth it to her," said Williams.

The race was expected to bring more than 700 runners wearing boxer shorts to bring attention to the area affected by colon cancer. Those affected by the disease and survivors all ran for the cause.

The Undy 5000 is honoring those lost and hoping to create more survivor stories. Meredith's Miracles is helping craft those stories after losing their namesake to the disease at age 25.

"It affects so many people, and she tried to always fight it with so much grace and dignity, and she really wanted to help others.  That was kind of her dying wish, and why we started this foundation," said Becca Powelson of Meredith's Miracles.

The Undy 5000 was created by the Colon Cancer Alliance. Today's race raised more than 55 thousand dollars.

To learn more about the Colon Cancer Alliance please visit: http://www.ccalliance.org/

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