Hamilton Co. Board of Elections to re-send ballots to early voters

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - In response to the Supreme Court ruling on Cincinnati's November ballot, the Hamilton County Board of Elections agreed to re-send ballots to early voters.

The ruling amended the language specific to Issue 4, which deals with the city's pension system. According to the board, around 3,000 voters have already submitted obsolete ballots.

These voters will need to re-cast their ballots. Officials say that there is no guarantee that they will.

"The question that remains open is what happens if a voter, who has already voted with the original ballot, doesn't send in a new ballot," explains Timothy Burke, Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Elections. "We know that we will count all of their votes on the other races, the question is if we will count their original votes on issue four. That, we're consulting with the prosecutor on."

Early voting in Cincinnati began on October 1.

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