Covington woman pushes to change vicious dog ordinance

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Several counties throughout the Tri-State have restrictions on owning a pit bull. But after a recent incident involving a dog owner in Covington, one woman is calling for a change.

Just about a week ago Emmy Friedrichs was sitting on her porch with her two rescue dogs when an animal control officer was in the neighborhood.

"I flagged him down and said 'hey are you here about that stray dog that I called in a couple days ago' and he said no I'm not here about that, but I have to cite you for your pit bull," said Friedrichs.

Friedrich's dogs weren't wearing a muzzle or leash outside her fenced in home. But she says they don't need to, especially because 12-year-old Hedy has to ride in a stroller when they're on walks because of her health.

"I feel like you should judge a dog individually," says Friedrichs.

But it's written clearly in the city's ordinance that "all vicious dogs shall be securely confined indoors or in a securely enclosed and locked pen or kennel, except when leashed and muzzled."

Friedrichs has since registered her dogs as vicious and has muzzles for both Juliette and Hedy. But she says the muzzle has a negative effect on how the dogs act, especially because Hedy was force bred by her previous owner.

"There's people that forcibly breed dogs over-and-over again. How do they control the dogs in that process? They muzzle them," explains Friedrichs. "So the minute the muzzle goes on her she goes back to oh my God what's going to happen?"

Now Juliette and Hedy are walked on the other side of the river because Friedrichs doesn't want them to wear a muzzle. However, she's calling for the city to change their vicious dog statute.

She says if the owner goes through mandatory training, they should be exempt from some of the rules, like wearing a muzzle.

"I feel if we could steer the pit bull conversation towards the positives as opposed to status symbols from people they want to exploit them, then I think the whole conversation changes but nobody is saying that hey everybody should get to have a pit bull and do whatever they want with it," says Friedrichs.

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