Covington businesses busy again after shutdown

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - The government back open means federal workers will once again be getting a paycheck, and restaurants, shops and other businesses near government buildings are busy again.

"Well actually it's great to be back to work today," said Robert Johnson who's worked at the IRS building in Covington for five years.

"We are kind of really excited, we can't believe we are back," said Jennifer Darpel, an IRS employee.  "The businesses are doing great and it's good to see each other."

Businesses are busy again after feeling the pinch during the government shutdown. Owners of restaurants near the Covington IRS building say between 75-80 percent of their business comes from IRS employees.

"We've been busy and we're glad to see all the IRS workers back," said Carol Hardin, owner of Roca Café.

Perhaps no one was feeling the pinch more during the government shutdown than Amy Mullins and her husband Chico Thomas. The two met while working at the IRS and both were off work without a paycheck during the government shutdown.

"We have four kids so they didn't understand, so it was hard," said Mullins.

"It threw a big monkey wrench in the budget, but that's what happens when there are things going on beyond your control, you've just got to survive," said Thomas.

Now even with the government back open there still are concerns.

"The word is, is that we are going to get reimbursed but that is sort of an unsure thing," said Darpel.

"We are just happy to have them back, I just hope we don't have this same situation in January," said Ryan Kassis, owner of Nick and Tony's Double Decker Café.

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