Five Questions for P.G. Sittenfeld

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - FOX19 called current Cincinnati City Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld to ask him our five questions for city council candidates. Sittenfeld is one of 21 candidates vying for 9 spots on the Cincinnati City Council in the November 2013 election. His responses are below.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

Sittenfeld is a Cincinnati native. He graduated from Princeton University and worked at Google before returning home to work for the Community Learning Center Institute.

He is currently completing his first term on city council, serves as the vice-chair of the Job Growth Committee and also serves on the Finance Committee and Public Safety Committee.

Q: Do you think privatized parking is a good idea?

"From the beginning, I have been a strong voice for why the parking deal is a bad one for Cincinnati," he says.

Sittenfeld says in addition to being bad for neighborhoods and small businesses, the parking deal will also cause Cincinnati to lose hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of the deal, relative to what the parking system is worth.

Q: Do you support the streetcar project?

Sittenfeld says the big votes on the streetcar since he's held office have been to commit an additional $18 million to the project due to cost over-runs, and another $15 million to settle a dispute with Duke Energy that is now in court.

He voted "No" on giving the streetcar more money stating a financially responsible, sustainable budget has not been in place for the project and feels it's been poorly managed.

Q: What do you think about the condition of our public schools?

Sittenfeld believes our public school system has been progressing in recent years, but must continue to make big strides forward.

He says the Community Learning Center Initiative he's worked on has been positive momentum for our schools, but points out the needs to build effective partnerships between CPS and the community to improve academic achievement and raise neighborhood quality of life.

Q: What do you think would make Cincinnati a better place to live?

He believes Cincinnati is experiencing a positive momentum right now, but in order to keep the city on the move, the city needs to do the following:

1) Produce a sustainable, responsible budget.

2) Use every strategy possible to be a business-friendly environment in order to grow our tax base and number of jobs.

3) Partner with the school system to empower more young people as educated and productive future citizens.

You can learn more about P.G. Sittenfeld on his campaign website.

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