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AZ Boy Scout troop rescued after leader is injured

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A group of eight Boy Scouts on a hike in northern Arizona were rescued over the weekend after one of their leaders suffered a leg injury, sheriff's authorities said.

The Scouts, from Phoenix, were on a hike in Oak Creek Canyon when they encountered a large body of water that stopped their progress, said Coconino County Sheriff's Office spokesman Gerald Blair.

They were not prepared or equipped to wade through the water that at its highest point was chest high on some of the boys, who ranged in age from 8 to 12, Blair said.

One of the leaders, who is 71, managed to injure his leg and found it too painful to proceed.

Another leader hiked out to the West Fork Trail Head off of Woody Mountain Road at 11 p.m. Saturday to call for help.

Sheriff's deputies and search and rescue volunteers hiked to the group's location. Some of the rescuers immediately escorted the Boy Scouts and a 30-year-old female leader back to Woody Mountain Road.

A group of volunteers remained with the injured leader and administered first aid to enable  him to hike back to the starting point, Blair said. 

The rescuers and injured leader reached the road the next morning and refused any additional medical care.

The Boy Scouts and their leaders then returned to the Phoenix area.

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